I Had The Best For A Little While

by White Spot

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  • White Spot/Black Spot Cassette
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    Each cassette is repurposed from a 12 part The Book of Revelations cassette series, hand painted, and will contain different pieces of sermons being spoken between/during songs.

    The White Spot side will contain the album I Had The Best For A Little While with various noises and sermon soundbites etched throughout. The Black Spot side will contain multiple tracks of various White Spot albums layered on top of each other to create a borderline orchestral wall of noise. I will tweak and adjust it live with various effects, panning, muting, time stretching, and other various noises/instruments/sermon soundbites added as it records.
    (Example of both sides: youtu.be/h0mIwobScxk )

    Because it is so time-consuming to dub each one live, I won't actually create the cassette until after the order is placed. It may take a little while.

    I don't have a case for each one, so they will come in random packaging. It will depend on what I have on hand at the time. It may come wrapped in cloth. It may come framed in wood. It may come encased in plaster. It may come surrounded by the baby blanket I was brought home in.

    Each cassette will be unique.
    Each cassette will be lo-fi.
    Each cassette will have far too much time devoted to creating it.

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"One-man noise damaged post punk project. Lemoine punches out a dark sound similar to the menacing sludge of early Amphetamine Reptile bands." - Noisey

"A formidable, forceful, and loud cacophony of noise rock melded seamlessly with sludge metal. Truly remarkable stuff." - Overblown

"A refreshingly distinct, visceral counterpoint against mundane complacency. The welcome inclusion of the lyrics on this DIY triumph underscores the depth and sophistication." - chromaticism

"Noisy, mathy, experimental rock/metal/post hardcore hybrid WHITE SPOT has just shared his new album called "I Had The Best For A Little While" and I truly encourage you to check it out and tell your friends. It's swampy, it's noisy, it's really impressive!" - IDIOTEQ

"Features a wide arrangement of music styles and chaotic elements: sludge, powerviolence, chaos, noise, etc... The lyrics are cohesive throughout and the vocal arrangements are quite interesting. Just give it a listen." - Suspend & Suspension

"It’s damaged, psychotic and punishing, as all good noise rock should be. (This) is a great record that fans of noise rock in all its shapes and sizes can enjoy. It’s a tad odd, heavy and most of all, noisy as hell. Lemoine has created his best White Spot release to date." - Svbterranean


released January 5, 2016

Written, recorded, and mixed by Marcus Lemoine.

Mastered by Evan Juneau



all rights reserved


White Spot Mansura, Louisiana

This rock will crumble, our existence will end, but I had the best for a little while.

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Track Name: Skip The Birth
Peel back the phosphorescent seed
Watch the ink spill like the decayed winter leaves.
Tranquil woes filled with "no's" make the world go round
So I cover up in earth and skip the birth of the anxious scream queens.

Look around, it's time to come down
Everyone is staring.
I learned the hard way what was once stone has been replaced

By a porcelain wish.
Wish me away
Wish me away
This day has already come and gone but I want no part of it.

Look around, it's time to come down
Everyone is staring at your thoughts
I learned the hard way.

What was once stone has been replaced
By a porcelain wish
Wish me away
Wish me away
This day has already come and gone

But I want no part of it.

Can't I understand the fall?
Drag me Home.
I want to go Home.
But it just won't let me go alone.
Track Name: Waste Not
Fill my head up
With the ghost of
Another simple minded
Manipulated waste of space.

Everything I know is so wrong.

Convey through time
We're made of the same entangled DNA
Waste not for
This will be the last time you can breathe.

I fail to notice
The difference between
A sun-kissed loss and a moon lit bliss.
Track Name: Laden
The storm waits for the cue
Given by the sacred queen
As she slumbers away the day made of fear laden dreams.
But I digress
As the angles in this building are delivering the healing
While I sit here sifting through
Reminiscent pictures, solving diagrammed riddles
Using prisms and systematic mathematicians with
Inventions made of blood wires and tendons
As she sleeps the day away.
It's safe to say the blood has overrun the wishes of her people.

My eyes are not witnessing this alone.
Track Name: One and the Same
Face it
The hour will suspend

It will all ascend

Graft our eyes together and you will see
The world as I deem fit.

You will
Hear what
You have not been told

The roots
Have all
Now taken hold

The color of the ground hasn't changed for miles
Now hallowed is the body that will get exiled.

At the battle, like an abbot, I was feeling alone.
Settle up, that hell is all I know.
Filter through, that town is one and the same.
Turns out the forced gale is coming again.

The sky will tear me apart.
Your face will help me take heart.

I can breathe for one, breathe for one
That head fall will enthrall and show me how to
Breathe alone, Breathe alone
And wait, wait, waste, wait.

The color of the ground hasn't changed.
Turns out that it's all the same.
Track Name: Entirety
Her voice will swallow me whole.
Your voice will swallow me whole.